To be perfectly honest with all you (I think perhaps three) readers: I don’t know what to write about anymore. In essence, I started a new lifestyle on Feb 21, and now, on April 20th, it is pretty much a fait accompli.

I don’t have to think about my breakfasts or lunches, it’s just habit now to eat properly and with plenty fruits and vegetables. Once or twice a week I plan an excursion into the fields of sugary sweetness, to alleviate any possible cravings. My aim with this is to try not to fall back into bad habits, but to give myself days of sheer indulgence.

Exercise is a normal part of my day, even if in small amounts. I walk 30 mins every working day, and usually average 30 to 40 minutes on days off. Any cleaning (especially the vigorous kind) counts towards my exercise regime. Most days I squeeze in a few squats and push-ups, but never very many.

I’m happy with my shape, and really happy with how I feel. Cutting out caffeine has calmed my nerves greatly, and decreasing my sugar dependence has done the same. I feel much more confident. And I won’t have to worry about outgrowing my clothes!

So for now, I will take a posting holiday. I wish you all good luck on changing your food habits and leading healthy and happy lives!