CB063502Now that I finally have my sweet tooth under some amount of control, I’m wondering if maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to move my body some at the same time.

I average about a half hour walk every day, and sometimes a little more than that. My days usually start with a very brief set of push-ups (ten), some squats (twenty), some sit-ups or leg-exercises (until I’m tired of them). Furthermore, when there is a choice between taking the lift or the stairs, I take the stairs. Usually, this is four sets a day. Incidental exercise is my favourite: you don’t notice it gets done, and all the while you are still being good to your body.

So my new aim is to up the ante on exercise. Not so much that I’ll get buff, but a little more for some excellent muscle definition. Especially in my stomach region, where I would like to see some abs…Yes! They have been starting to show up ever since I gave up gorging on sweet treats every day.

The goal is to do several sets of exercise in a day. The daily walk of 30 mins will stay put, but on days off, I will aim for 1hr minimum, bringing my new total to 4.5 hrs of walking a week. This I will then top up with two sets of resistance exercises like mentioned above. One in the morning, and one in the evening.

My other goal is to fix the inner tubing of my bicycle’s tire. I love cycling, but have been putting off the bicycle repair for ages. No more excuses, I will have to go fix it and get busy cycling, especially now that spring is finally arriving in Europe. It’d be magical to go places while getting toned for free!