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Life is about learning. Learning how to walk and talk, learning how to read and write (if you’re privileged), learning how to perform tasks in a workplace, learning how to be responsible for bills and households, and eventually teaching all of these to someone else.

What I’m learning right now is that simple changes can be very hard. The goal of cutting out refined sugar is not impossible, but neither do I wish my enjoyment of life, part of which is eating delicious chocolate cake, to take a nose-dive.

All in all, I think I’m doing well, two pieces of cake on Tuesday notwithstanding. They were awfully delicious, right in my line of vision, and taunting me for ages. I haven’t felt quite so ill for a long time though. My stomach was in many knots from the cream, and probably sugar as well. Still, no regrets.

The rest of this week will be a fairly sober one anyway. This because my throat is feeling rather sore. The action plan is to overdose on vitamin C and see where that gets me. And of course, warmth, water and sleep. Nearly weekend.

Learning means hope. The hope is not in ‘doing better’ next time and not indulging, it’s in learning that indulgence, too, has a place in your life. It’s not the end of the world. As long as your basic diet is healthy, the odd trip to the sugar aisle is not going to do you harm, or cause your thighs to expand and stomach to bloat instantaneously.

It’s about separating the Catholic guilt-tripper from the sensible adult inside of us. If we punish ourselves for small weaknesses, the weaknesses will rise to where they will be much more problematic. So let us celebrate our follies, even as we try to erase them.



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