Sugar-free, Guilt-free


So, after my indulgence day, which didn’t go so well, I have been a perfect little angel for day 6, 7 and 8 (though technically, there are still two and a half hours to ruin that spree). I think this should be some kind of achievement.

Have I noticed changes? Heck yes.
1- My skin is clearing up. Every time I give up on sugar, my skin starts to radiate something. It’s probably health.

2- My anxiety is markedly less than it used to be. Normally, I fret and fidget quite a bit. I still do, but much less. My dermatillomania (this is where you pick your skin to relieve stress, usually scarring your face to some extent) is also decreasing.

3- Though my waist, bust and hip-lines are fluctuating between the size they were before day 1 and a full inch less than that, I do see there is a difference in tone. My legs feel much firmer to the touch, especially my thighs. It’s lovely.

4- I feel good about myself. I don’t know whether this is due to how I eat now, or how I feel about this new change, but I have a certain kind of feeling of generally doing right by myself. Plus everyone at work seems to have something good to say about my lunch salads. Soon the whole workplace will be looking at sugar askance!

5- All my food tastes better. Before, everything that didn’t answer to the description of chocolate bar was a stodge to me: something you ate because you had to. The enjoyable bit was always just the sugar. Now, I actually really enjoy my savoury meals for what they are. Moreover, I can taste them better: their complexer notes. I imagine it’s like what smokers must experience after quitting the ciggies: a whole new world of tastes.

Overall, the sugar deprivation isn’t so much deprivation, as it is a great gift to myself. I hope I can keep it up.