More Smoothie Madness!


Yesterday was another cheat day. As a recovering sugar addict, I feel really, really deprived when I don’t binge on sugary junk all the time. So to placate my id, I have to set myself indulgence days (to stave off entire indulgence weeks). The 6 days prior, my record was as clean as it was ever going to be…

To recover from the binge, (an entire packet of biscuits AND a bunch of caramel chocolates), today was yet another back on the horse day. The good news is that none of this more sporadic binging seems to have affected my new abs, which are more convincingly around pretty much 24/7 now. There’s still a little layer of fat on me, which I’d like to keep, in case I fall ill, or fall over. Cushioning helps.
So my natural fruit sugar treat today: a Cherry Smoothie! Simple instructions, as ever:
1. Get your SO/friend/neighbour or cat to make a smoothie for you with your new blender. I picked my SO.
2. Make your chosen target use orange, banana, coconut (we had to use up the leftovers anyway) and frozen cherries. Add runny yogurt as per usual. I promise, this will result in a most amazing smoothie.
3. Thank your noble lackey, sit down and enjoy your smoothie.