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Mixed Berry Sorbet

Since getting back on the horse again on Wednesday, I have stuck by my resolve. I try not to buy sugary treats anymore, so usually the times I’m most sorely tempted are away from home. However, you can give your body what it needs while also getting some of what you want. Enter the Berry Sorbet.

It’s the easiest thing you’ve ever made, so I can’t even call it a recipe. The instructions are but twofold:

1- Place plain, runny yogurt and a few handfuls of frozen berries (straight from the frozen) in the mixing bowl/beaker
2- Stick mix the ingredients to your heart’s content

The result will be very similar to sorbet/Italian gelato, and will only contain the natural sugars in the yogurt and berries.

Also, an update on the PMS symptoms. This month (I am nearing the premenstrual zone now), I have had a few symptoms, like a mild bloat, and my breasts are a little swollen. The swelling is much less (about an inch less) than usual though, and there is very little pain or tenderness. This is great news, as it is one of the main reasons I wanted to quit the sugar binges in the first place!


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