Emergency Cheat Day & Recovery


Last week, my lovely SO bought a loaf of bread akin to panettone, with lots of fruits and nuts in it, and a dollop of almond paste. It’s delicious. Though I managed not to touch it, it did put into my mind a never-ending loop of must-have-now, must-have-now.

Recently, I came across a motivational message by someone who had radically turned his life around, and became much healthier as a result. He said, and I paraphrase: “If you don’t take cheat days, you will have cheat weeks.” This was enlightening to me, since I had been planning to stay off sugar until the work do this coming Friday. There would be 12 days in between my last sugar day and Good Friday.

So, I allowed myself another cheat day yesterday. Traditionally, the loaf is supposed to be had with icing sugar on top, but since I had several slices, I decided to have them without the added sugar. It was totally worth it, and a wise decision: I would surely have lost control sometime this week had I not indulged a little.

Sugar time over, I had some healthy alternatives today. Fruit, and the banana ‘ice cream’ linked to in the last post. It was heavenly, and tasted every bit as good as common ice cream, without any added sugar whatsoever.

Moreover, before my dessert, I tasted, for the first time, the natural sweetness of brown rice. I had never really realised it was sweet before!

To complete my journey to health, I’d also like to take more exercise. I am notorious for loathing most forms of exercise, but I enjoy walking, and do a few push-ups, squats and sometimes crunches at home every morning. My next post will tackle exercise. It’s also around time to post a new progress shot this coming week!