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Level 1 Achieved!


The almighty ‘they’ reckon it takes 28 days to change a habit. This should technically mean that, from today, my new habit is to eat a balanced diet with very little alcohol and very little refined sugar. Because I’m not capable of going tee-total on either of those two, there are always cheat days I can arrange to have, once weekly. Mostly these are social occasions, to lessen the general awkwardness of saying no, but also because it means there will be fewer sugary items around the house to tempt me. Having cheat days also makes the effort more sustainable in the long term, which will benefit my health greatly.

Seeing my partner has not joined me (fully) on my diet change, there usually are some items around that test my resilience. Mostly, this involves chocolate, and the odd delicacy he has decided to buy. To compensate, I make sure there is fruit, and a mixture of nuts available, to satisfy any immediate needs. What I’ve noticed, though, is that it gets easier and easier to refuse the sugar. Sometimes I don’t even want it anymore.

I’ve been thinking of gathering some recipes to enjoy for those of us who like to taste sweet things, but don’t want to ruin our teeth, blood pressure, or waist lines.

For now, I will leave you with this here recipe for a sugar-free, vegan, guilt-free ice cream!




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